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A Paradise in the middle of Coffee Mountains.

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Considered one of the most beautiful towns in Colombia, Jardín enchants its visitors with its colonial architecture featuring traditional balconies adorned with flowers and full of colors. Jardín belongs to the Network of Heritage Towns of Colombia.

In Jardín you will find Colonial Houses with colorful facades and balconies, Coffee, Flowers, Guayacanes, Nature, Trails, Birds, Trout farms, Mills, beautiful Sunsets and friendly people.

Its main attraction is the welcoming main square “El Libertador” and the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception, both declared National Monuments.

There are plenty of activities for all ages and moods, from Natural Trails, Waterfalls, Adventure Activities, Bird Watching, Museums, Guided Tours, Viewpoints, Indigenous Reserves and great Gastronomic diversity!


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Southwest Antioquia


In the North with the town of Jericó, in the South with the Department of Caldas, in the East with the town of Támesis and in the West with the town of Andes.


224 Km2

Average Temperature

19 °C


1,750 mts. above sea level

Distance from Medellin

138 Km (Approximately 3 Hours)



Time Zone

UTC -5

Foundation Date



Most Beautiful Town of Antioquia, City of many hills and National Monument.



  • Rose Festival (May)
  • Film Festival (July)


in Jardin

  • Minor Basilica of the
  • Immaculate Conception
  • Clara Rojas Pelaez Museum
  • Convent of the Conceptionist Sisters.
  • La Herrera Trail
  • Waterfall of Love and Charco Corazón
  • Ladder Waterfall
  • Angel Falls and the Guácharos Cave
  • Cave of Splendor
  • Owl Trail
  • Gallito de Roca Nature Reserve
  • Coffee Tours
  • Adventure activities
  • Sugarcane process and trout farms
  • Sweets from exotic fruits
  • The Garrucha cable car
  • Cristo Rey Hill viewpoint

How to get

to Jardín?

Jardín is located in Southwest Antioquia. It can be reached by public transport (buses) or by private vehicle.

From Medellín

(approximately 134 km, 3.5 to 4 hours of travel by land):

PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Take the Bus from the South Terminal. The companies that travel are Rapido Ochoa and Transportes Suroeste, the rate is approximately $28,000 COP per person (this value may vary seasonally).

PRIVATE VEHICLE: The shortest road to Jardín (Amagá – Bolombolo) is OPEN WITH CONTROLLED PASSAGE due to construction in these. SCHEDULE:
Monday to Saturday from 6:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. and from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Sundays and Holidays: 6:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

If you travel outside these hours, you can take these alternate routes:

1. Medellín – Venice – Bolombolo – Peña Lisa – Hispania – Andes – Jardín (139 km with some unpaved road sections) + 30 minutes approximately.
2. Medellín – Fredonia – Puente Iglesias – Peña lisa – Hispania – Andes – Jardín (160 km) + 1 hour approximately. OUR RECOMMENDED because it has better road conditions for all types of vehicles.
3. Medellín – La Pintada – Puente Iglesias – Peña lisa – Hispania – Andes – Jardín (177 km) + 1 hour and a half approximately.
4. Medellín – San Jerónimo – Santa Fe de Antioquia – Anzá – Bolombolo – Peña lisa – Hispania – Andes – Jardín (191 km) + 2 hours approximately.
Check the condition of the roads before leaving, as there may be closures due to rain and weather.
Call INVIAS at #767

From the South of the Country

PUBLIC TRANSPORT: The company Cootransrio has a route Jardín – Riosucio and Jardín – La Felisa. From Riosucio you can take other buses to reach other municipalities such as Pereira, Salento or Manizales.

PRIVATE VEHICLE: You can hire private services or drive along the Vía de la Pintada. You can also take the alternate unpaved road that connects Riosucio, Caldas with Jardín, Antioquia.

How long should

you stay?

We recommend staying at least 2 nights and 3 days in Jardín for various reasons. Mainly, because as one of the heritage towns of Colombia, it has a wide range of things to do.

Its privileged location, in the middle of the mountains and away from big cities makes Jardín retain its charm, so you should keep in mind that to get to this beautiful place the journey from major cities takes at least 3.5 hours, due to constructions on the road, it may take longer than expected.

Additionally, the weather of Jardín is difficult to predict and this can affect the enjoyment of some of the main activities that are outdoors, it is advisable to have additional days to schedule these activities.

What is the best time

to visit?

It all depends on your preferences, if you prefer tranquility, disconnect and get to know people and places, we recommend visiting on weekdays and low season, if on the contrary, you like crowds, music and nightlife, then the weekends and high season are perfect for you .

Jardín is a very touristy place, so on weekends and in high season there is a high influx of tourists and locals, businesses are generally full, with waiting times, hotels with high occupancy and higher rates. In these seasons you find more people, music, open businesses, horses, cars and events.

The high season in Jardín are: Weekends, Holidays, December, January, Easter, Film Festival in July and School Recess Week in October. If you plan to visit during these seasons, we recommend you book your hotel in advance.

You can get better hotel rates if you visit from Monday to Thursday (except high season and holidays). The atmosphere changes completely and Jardín becomes a very quiet and calm place, without congestion or waiting. In this way you can experience the routine of the Jardineños, the real town life and enjoy all the tourist sites calmly. Please note that some locations are only open on weekends or have limited service on weekdays.


What should I

bring or pack?

The Weather in Jardín is MILD, which makes it variable and difficult to predict. It is usually hot during the day and cold at night, a little cooler than the weather in Medellin.

The average temperature is 19 °C and can vary between 12 °C and 22 °C.
These are our recommendations to pack your suitcase:

Comfortable clothes

for Walking that are suitable for Cold and Heat (for example: pants and a shirt).

Ideally covered and comfortable shoe

for walking (in case it rains)

Jacket or sweater

for the night.

Sun Protection

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Caps.

Bathing Suit

Some hotels have Swimming Pools or Hot Tubs, there are also activities to enjoy the fresh crystal clear waters and waterfalls.

Where to


In Jardín you will find a wide variety of accommodations from Boutique Hotels, Hotels, Hostels, Famihotels, Farm Hotels, Cabins rentals and more. Your choice depends on the type of trip, budget and if you prefer in the urban area or in the rural area.

Our Casa Passiflora offers you accommodation designed for your comfort, with excellent services, spacious, complete and modern rooms, personalized service, without leaving the urban area, to easily walk everywhere.

What to do

in Jardin?

There are many activities you can enjoy in Jardín. These are our recommendations

Free Activities:

  • Sit in Parque El Libertador and admire the square, the people and the guayacanes. Did you know that the park is a national monument
  • Visit the Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Conception. Another National Monument.
  • Walk Trails, Paths and Streets full of Colors and Nature.
  • Walk the Camino de la Herrera.
  • Visit La Cascada del Amor.
  • Cool off in the waters of Charco Corazón (check if it’s open to the public).
  • Visit the Cascada de la Escalera
  • Walk the trail of the owl
  • Enjoy a beautiful sunset from the park or a viewpoint (La Garrucha, Cristo Rey or Café Jardín)
  • Visit the Casa Clara Rojas Peláez Museum (Free admission with voluntary donation)

With a fee:

  • Riding in the Garrucha Artisanal Cable Car
  • Take a Coffee Tour
  • Visit a trout farm
  • Visit a Mill or Trapiche.
  • The Cave of Splendor
  • Angel Falls and Guácharos Cave (they are free, but a guided tour is recommended and entry through private land or transportation may have an additional cost)
  • Bird watching in the Jardín de Rocas Nature Reserve.
  • Ride a Tuk Tuk around town
  • Adventure Activities: Paragliding, Rappelling, Mountain biking, Torrentism and Canopi.
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