Hoteles Memorables

Sustainability Policy

HOTELES MEMORABLES DE COLOMBIA S.A.S is a hotel company based in the city of Medellin, Colombia with locations in Jardín, Santa Fe de Antioquia and Cauca Viejo, Jericó.

In order to ensure the full satisfaction of our guests, the company offers Rooms with special features to provide unforgettable experiences by using the comfort of all its facilities, Our main goal is to  offer  a cozy stay, complimented with spacious and carefully equipped rooms, complementary services and a great human team attentive to the needs and requirements of its customers, committed to high-quality operational hotel activities and compliance with current legal regulations.

Contribute to the development of the social environments where we operate and executing responsibly our daily activities with suppliers, employees and customers, contributing to protect the environment, by using natural and sustainable resources and minimizing  impacts caused in the development of our activity, guaranteeing continuous improvement.