Hoteles Memorables

Data Policy

Hoteles Memorables de Colombia S.A.S (NIT 901130292-1) located in MEDELLÍN, COLOMBIA, referred from now as “THE COMPANY” it is very important to comply with the data protection laws, stipulated in decree 1377 of 2013 that partially regulates the Habeas Data Law, also it is very important to have your  approval, support and confidence In us. Therefore, we ask that you contact us for any question related to the processing of data and information from third parties to the following e-mail address [email protected]


The rights for holders of the information are the following:

The data is collected directly by your calls to our landline or mobile numbers, by your visits to our website, or when a purchase or commercial transaction is made in our commercial establishments.

We will request your authorization when filling in any of our forms.

The data that we request, that you expressly authorize and give your consent to fill out our forms are: subject, names, surnames and electronic address. In addition you can, at your own discretion, provide the following information that are not mandatory: city, company, comments, phone number and mobile or cell phone number.

Additionally, if you wish to make a commercial transaction, you will provide the number of debit or credit cards that are expressly authorized to confirm an act of commercial origin and all those concerning a transaction of that type.

This data can be stored and / or processed in servers located in computer centers, either owned or contracted with third-party providers, which is authorized by our guests, visitors, customers, users and suppliers by accepting this Privacy Policy

In accordance with decree 1377 of 2013 and because some of these are treated as sensitive data, YOU ARE NOT OBLIGED TO AUTHORIZE YOUR TREATMENT.

The personal data found in public access sources, regardless of the means by which you have access,  such data or databases that are available to the public, can be treated by our companies as long as they are public data.

You are able to consult your information supplied to our database at no cost. You can do it once a month or every time you make a change in the data provided. For any query, modification, rectification or deletion of data, contact us to the following e-mail [email protected]

We use your data or information exclusively to create a database that allows us to send information related to our business and commercial activity. We do not sell, sell, share or exchange our databases

The validity of the data that you expressly consent to provide, is from the date you enter the information up to ten (10) years, unless you use the right to delete data, through the contact email  [email protected]


For inquiries with periodicity greater than one for each calendar month, the person in charge may only charge the owner the costs of sending, reproducing and, where appropriate, document certification. The costs of reproduction cannot be greater than the costs of recovering the corresponding material. For this purpose, the responsible party must demonstrate to the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce, when it so requires, the support of said expenses.

To access the Decree 1377 of 2013, which partially regulates the Habeas Data Law, click here.