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We are located in Jardin, Antioquia, Colombia. Our hotel is a block and a half from the main square, approximately 2-5 minutes walking. We are very close to everything; Restaurants, Shops, Cafes, Trails, the Camino de la Herrera and more.

Jardín is one of the most beautiful coffee towns in Colombia and is located in the southwestern region of Antioquia, bordered by the Andes, Jericó and Támesis in the north and the Department of Caldas in the south.

Located just 1 block and a half from the park.

Cra 5 #11 - 48 Jardín, Antioquia



9 Complete Rooms with Private Bathroom and all the comforts for a memorable experience.

Double Room

Twin Room

Multiple Room

Double Twin Room



Jardín is considered one of the ten most beautiful municipalities in Colombia and the most beautiful town in Antioquia. The kindness of its people, a park considered a national monument, and its streets with balconies full of flowers, in the best paisa style, highlight the conservative beauty of its colonial architecture.

Casa Passiflora Hotel Boutique

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(+57) 318 2421000