Casa Jacaranda

About the boutique hotel

Charming experiences in Cauca Viejo, Jericó

Your visit to our house must be a complete and memorable experience, that’s why every detail of our hotel was designed with your comfort in mind.

One day, while traveling through Southwest Antioquia, we were dazzled by the beauty and colors of a Gualanday tree, also known as Jacaranda. This tree, native to South America, is grown in tropical and subtropical countries, especially in humid or coastal areas, temperate climates, and requires direct sunlight. Cauca Viejo, due to its climate and location on the banks of the Cauca River, perfectly describes the ideal place for this beautiful tree with striking violet flowers.
The scientific name is Jacaranda Caucana Jacaranda is an adaptation to Latin of the name that the native Amazonians gave it in the Tupi language “yakara ́na”, which means “fragrant”.
The Jacaranda tree is said to have magical properties, as it is believed that if its flower falls on your head, you will have good luck. In some countries they are believed to be a good omen for students, which is why they are planted in universities. This tree is a symbol of rebirth, of resurgence, associated with romanticism and that brings happiness due to its colorful flowers that announce the arrival of spring. It is also said that it has the ability to calm feelings of anguish, achieve a more balanced aura and erase sadness.
About the Jacaranda tree there is the following Amazonian legend: “A beautiful bird perched one day on the branches of a Jacaranda Tree, with it brought a very beautiful woman who was a priestess of the moon. The beautiful woman came down from that tree and mixed with the people of that village, lived among them, making known all her knowledge and her great wisdom. Once the mission was accomplished, she became part of him again and filled him with many flowers, from there she went up to the heavens and met her great love, the son of the sun.”

We chose the name CASA JACARANDA because we want to offer a place to be happy, where you can relax and unwind, while enjoying the beauty of nature and the pleasant climate of Cauca Viejo, Jericó, with all the modern comforts of a boutique hotel.
CURIOUS FACT: After choosing the name of our hotel, and while we were remodeling the house, we found some old scaffolding that was stored with the word Jacaranda written on its wood. This is one of those beautiful coincidences that made us believe that we had chosen the perfect name for our hotel!