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Cauca Viejo - Jerico

A private town inspired by the colonization of Antioquia

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Cauca Viejo

Cauca Viejo is a Private Town founded in 1998. Its architecture is inspired by the Antioquia colonization of the southwest that took place between 1880 – 1930.


Cauca Viejo is part of the municipality of Jericó, Antioquia, but is approximately 25 km from the main square. Jericó is a Colombian Heritage Town. 

Cauca Viejo is located on the banks of the Cauca River, there you will find an authentic and magical place with a square, a stone fountain, benches, a chapel, houses with colorful balconies, cobbled streets, hotels, trails and more.

NOTE: To enter you must have a hotel reservation or be a homeowner.


Approx 2 hours from Medellín and 40 minutes from Jericó, Ant


Average temperature 30 °C - 18 °C

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Cauca Viejo

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