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Cauca Viejo - Jerico

A private town inspired by the colonization of Antioquia

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Cauca Viejo

Cauca Viejo is a private town founded in 1998. Its architecture is inspired by the Antioquia colonization of the southwest that took place between 1880 – 1930.

Cauca Viejo is part of the municipality of Jericó, Antioquia, 25 km from the main square. Located on the banks of the Cauca River, there you will find a cobbled square with a stone fountain, benches and a chapel inspired by the Basilica of Salamina. Houses with colorful balconies, cobbled streets, ecological trails, streams, viewpoints to the Cauca River and more.

Because it is private property, access is only permitted to authorized hotel guests and homeowners. (not open to public)


Approx 2.5 hours from Medellín and 40 minutes from Jericó, Ant


Average temperature 30 °C - 18 °C

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Cauca Viejo?

Cauca Viejo

Hotel Boutique

"Charming Experiences in Cauca Viejo, Jericó"

Cauca Viejo

Hotel Boutique

"Return to the Origin"

How to get

to Cauca Viejo?

Sometimes, following Google Maps and Waze by the most indicated route could be confusing, or the data may fail on the road, therefore we recommend you keep in mind the following indications:
There are 3 possible routes to get to Cauca Viejo from Medellin, (check with the hotel before leaving):

-Route 1 (in red) : Caldas – Alto de Minas – Sta Bárbara – La Pintada – Puente Iglesias- Cauca Viejo (2 tolls)

-Route 2 (in green): Caldas – Camilo C – Fredonia – Puente Iglesias – Cauca Viejo (1 toll)

-Route 3 (in purple): Caldas – Camilo C – Amagá – La Sinifaná- Vía Pacífico 1 y 2 hasta Cauca Viejo (1 toll).

The 3 routes are very similar in Estimated arrival time (approx 2.5 hours from Medellin)

The detour to enter Cauca Viejo is on the Pacifico 2 road, between Puente Iglesias and Bolombolo, on the lane that goes from the southeast to the northwest at the PR24 y PR25 route point.

ROUTE 3: it is our recommended.

It has some sections under construction. The signage on this route is not the best, always follow the Arrows that indicate La Pintada. After leaving the second tunnel (Mulatos), continue towards La Pintada FOR 14.8 KMS AND RETURN towards Bolombolo to reach the entrance to Cauca Viejo.
Pay attention to PR 24 (green sign on the side of the road)
On this route you will enjoy the new Pacific routes 1 and 2 after passing the La Sinifana sector.

How long

to stay?

  • We recommend staying at least 2 nights and 3 days in Cauca Viejo to have time to get to know the area, explore Jericó or Jardín and rest.

What should I

bring or pack?

The climate of southwest Antioquia is Mild. Cauca Viejo is located on the banks of the Cauca river, so its weather is more humid and hot than that in Jericó.
Cauca Viejo: It has a hot and humid weather (perfect for the pool 😉) Average temperature between 30 °C – 18 °C

Jericó: The main square of Jericó is located at a higher altitude, so the weather is cooler and colder at night. Average temperature between 23 °C – 14 °C.

These are our recommendations to pack your suitcase:

Comfortable and cool clothing

Sportswear for outdoor

activities and sports.


Sun Protection

Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Caps.


If you want to tour southwest Antioquia or visit other towns,

we recommend you bring a sweater and covered shoes, since the temperature can drop in some places

What to do

In Cauca Viejo?

  • Walk the cobblestone streets of Cauca Viejo, delighting yourself with the traditional Antioquian architectural design.
  • Walk along the banks of the Cauca River, enjoying the sounds of nature and the running of the mighty Cauca.
  • Enjoy a liquor or a coffee in the central park.
  • Hiking and ecological walks, passing through bridges and streams
  • Visit the chapel of Cauca Viejo.
  • There are other places to visit and taste some flavors, such as La Tienda de Tuto, the restaurant of the “Hotel de Cauca Viejo”, the shops in the square and the inns.
  • Horseback riding (subject to availability)

What to do

In Jericó?

The municipality of Jericó is one of the 18 heritage towns of Colombia, due to its architectural and historical value. Walk through its streets and its square to discover its traditional constructions full of color.

  • Visit the main square of Jericó, where you can appreciate the gatherings of the Jericoanos and other curiosities of the small towns of Antioquia.
  • Enjoy the delicacies and desserts of Café Don Rafa in Plaza de Jericó. You can’t miss the peach tres leches dessert.
  • Guided tour of Jericó, a Colombian heritage town.
  • Jericó is known as a religious destination and has several churches and cathedrals. Don’t forget to visit the Nuestra Señora de las Mercedes Cathedral, located in the main square. Jericó is also the birthplace of the Holy Mother Laura Montoya, you can go to know the house where she was born and visit her Sanctuary in the Church of the Sacred Heart of Mary. Its pink color looks resplendent and brightful.
  • Have a beer or a brandy at Tangos y Algo más… perfect for enjoying a drink.
  • Enjoy a delicious coffee at Café Saturia.
  • Have lunch at Isabel Parrilla & Charcuterie.
  • Go to the Botanical Garden of Jericó “Los Balsos”, which you can reach after climbing the 100 iconic steps of the town.
  • Go to the MAJA museum: Jericó Museum of Anthropology and Arts
  • Go to the viewpoints, the view of Southwest Antioquia from Jericó is a pleasure that you cannot miss. (Las Nubes Natural Park, Morro El Salvador, or even going up to the town there are some viewpoints)
  • Take a tour of the town on a Tuk Tuk or on the town train, enjoy our folklore.
  • Get to know the Santa María de Jericó theater
  • Bird watching in Las Nubes natural park.
  • Coffee experience in farms around the region.
  • For those who want a little more adventure and adrenaline, go paragliding in “Ecoland”.
  • Cable car ride between Morro El Salvador and Cerro de Las Nubes.
  • Visit to Christ the Redeemer on El Salvador hill, which is also a viewpoint.
  • Visit the street of commerce to buy the authentic Jericoan guarniel (also known as Carriel) and appreciate guarnielería art (handicrafts) and saddlery (talabartería)
  • Bike in Jericó (Bring your own bike)
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